There is so much truth in this post. Survivors of abuse have to constantly remind themselves of two things: It was not your fault and you can’t fix it.

The Ochre Muse

(an edited repost)

I’ve always known I was too damn smart to get stuck in a toxic relationship. If I spotted the manipulation, it couldn’t affect me. I was too perceptive to be controlled, too aware to let someone get the better of me, and yet I spent several months having my self-worth chipped away one piece at a time, and leaving was a struggle that I still barely understand.

I knew what was happening. His psychological abuse was not exactly covert, and yet I kept trying to fix it, kept taking all the blame onto my own shoulders. Every time I managed to leave, I went back. I told my friends how many mistakes I made. I developed a hundred ways of taking on all the blame. Self-awareness has its downfalls in a relationship like that. I knew all my flaws, and if I could just become perfect…

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