“People regenerate. It’s just what we do.”

Many of you know I’m in the middle of trauma recovery treatment trying to recover from recent trauma and childhood trauma at the same time. It’s hard, painful work. Still… this post I’ve reblogged is filled with words and images of hope.

The Ochre Muse

The aftermath of a lion kill is so calm and silent that the gore seems almost benign. You’d think death would snuff all the normality out of the world, but horror is not as it’s portrayed in the movies. It sits so comfortably next to everything you’re used to seeing in your everyday life that the only thing out of place is the blood on the grass. It’s hard to spot a kill. Horror doesn’t look dramatic. It looks ordinary.

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Before I was raped, I thought assault snuffed all the normality out of survivors’ lives. I thought trauma was gory and dramatic enough to steal the stars out of the sky. That it didn’t was the horror because the dusk would always remind me that I wasn’t safe in the world. Now all the usual scents and sights that were there during my assault were covered in blood…

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