I never I thought I would ever need to read something like this. I was wrong. It helps. I hope it helps you.

The Ochre Muse

You’ll tell yourself that the pain will stop when the scars have healed because you’ll think that abuse ends with the relationship. You’ll be wrong. Months after you’ve had the stitches to your psyche pulled out, your abuser will still be blaming you for every wrong others have committed against her since you left.

You’ll change your number.

“True friends won’t believe the smear campaign,” they’ll tell you, but then you’ll realise that you don’t live in a pop psychology book. Friends will drop away, believing the lies not because they seem true, but because you’re still spun out on emotional anarchy while she remains as stable as a nucleus in the middle of its own chaos.

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She will still have her health. She will still have her quality of life. She will still have her income. You will have none of those things, and your fury over…

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