I have been thinking
About the last
twelve months of my life

I could write about
the trauma
or the night of the assault
or that other night
of the almost assault
or the disappointment
or even the ever present
or the recurring
states of transition
or the pain

Or the hopes
and dreams
and fantasies
and failures
and losses

But really
It’s the Trees

They have been
my constant
throughout my journey

And they have been
my best friends

So this is about Trees

Trees of England
Trees of Georgia
Even the trees
of New Orleans
And especially
The Black Hills
of the Dakotas
that taught me
And that sometimes
even the mighty fall

And now I am
by the the tall pines
of British Columbia

I can feel them
watching over me,
on this,
the last leg
of my too long journey

And even though
I have been
by events
out of my control
they share
their strength with me
whisper to me
in the cold night air
make me believe
that I just might
make it
on my strength

I am not strong
But I am
by the strong
and just maybe
that is enough


The Trees of British Columbia