I woke up prepared to give up, to give in, to stop breathing

Today I hid under crisp white sheets and deep remorse and relentless failure

Today I unearthed my camera from the drawer where it was hiding

Today I discovered I have a forest a mere 10 minute walk away

It’s not really a forest

In England we would call it a wood

Today I found magic in green vegetation and the springy feel of pine needles under my feet

Today I stumbled across two Sabian cymbals mounted on a platform in the middle of a Georgia Forest

Today I took a moment to bang on cymbals in an empty forest

It was a kind of magic

Today I got lost in a Georgia forest

Today he said when I messaged him to tell him I was lost in my forest

“I’m not worried. You’re a faerie.”

Today I found a way out that was different from the way in

Today I learned the way in is not always the way out

Today I realised I don’t want to make any more decisions

Today I realised I want someone to have the right answer

Today I realised that every day will be filled with personal failures

Today I realised that every day will be filled with faerie magic

Today I realised there are no right answers

Today I realised that no matter how hard you try, some days you will look stupid

Today I realised that no matter how wide you open your heart, some people just won’t like you

Today I realised that pain can go on forever

Today I realised that courage is not easily found

Today I realised that joy will surprise you

Today I realised that sometimes today is just another day

Shamrock Forest, Decatur, Georgia

Shamrock Forest, Decatur, Georgia