I am sleepless
In a hotel room
In the Deep South
I don’t know where
I haven’t ventured
Outside my room
In over twenty four hours

There is a sound
At my window
That sounds like rain
Which reminds me
of sleepless dawns
In that green
And pleasant land
I used to call home
But there is
No dawn chorus
To greet me
And there is no rain
The drip drop
At my window
is a product
Of the oh so
Air conditioner
They tell me It is
Hellishly hot outside

He writes me of a sad dog
Of our enduring friendship
I am still in an in-between place
Not there but still not quite here

I am in a hotel room
And somewhere across
A vast, seemingly, endless ocean
A dog with a huge heart still looks for me

I am in a hotel room
And somewhere out there
A new life waits for me to start it

But right now
I’m just a girl
In a hotel room