I loved this.

RISE with Jamie


All my life I’ve been really good at fitting in, playing by the rules, being the good girl.

If I can get a 2-year plan in place, awesome! 3-years, even better! I’ve got this safe life thing down. Give me a nice, long path to follow and I’m golden! No uncertainty. No fear. And if anyone asks me what I’m up to, I’ve got a solid 30 second pitch that sure makes me sound successful! Oh the feeling of being wrapped in warm security!

Okay, maybe I’m being a little hard on myself, but lately I’ve become aware of my inability to let go, to allow, to take a step without knowing exactly where I will land for no other reason than that it feels so damn good in the moment!

We were so good at living in the moment as kids, weren’t we? We knew how to play. We knew…

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