I love this post so much. In fact, this blog, in general, is an inspiration.

Conversations With Self


I can’t say enough how lucky I feel to be living in Alaska. Going from a place where a new Chick-Fil-A was one of the most exciting things you could see on your way to work everyday, to this thoughtfully preserved wilderness has had such an impact on my spiritual journey. I believe whole heartedly that what we surround ourselves with matters. And I don’t just mean what type of landscape you get to look at every day, although having such a tangible relationship with nature is pretty spectacular. I also hang pictures and art on my walls that bring me joy or make me think. Over my writing desk, I have hand written notes to myself tacked to the wall, quotes that inspire me are never far from view, and I make a point to have several pictures of me smiling and sharing happy moments with my children right in my direct line of sight.

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