Tonight my mind
Is a wild gypsy woman
Dancing by the fire

She can’t stop
Thinking of you
Dancing for you

Sometimes it is pure lust
And Cunt floods my panties

Sometimes it’s pure love
And my heart leaps and fills

Sometimes it’s pure bliss
To know a love like this

Sometimes it is absolute agony
To love and lust and yearn and want

Because no matter
how much magic we make
Which is a so very much

Because we’re both such
Mystical, magical creatures
Capable of sublime miracles

No matter how much
Voo Doo pounds away
In our needy hearts

No matter how many times
I feel you thinking of me
And you are

No matter how long
The molten ball of fire
That is our love
Continues to blaze

No matter how many times
I crawl to you, present for you
Come on command for you

No matter how many times
I submit gracefully to you

There will still be a vast ocean
Between my touch and yours

So, just for tonight
Can we pretend
I am lying in your arms

Touching your face
Listening to murmured
Words of love and lust
While you idly caress
My soft naked breast

Just for tonight

Can we pretend to be lovers

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