Energy Medicine for Cardinal Spring Fire!

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With Aries we begin again. The cycle continues. The snake’s tail is forgotten again, and it’s head moves forward. It’s eyes are wide open and ready. Aries is that forward moving energy, marching onward and upward. But in order to begin anew with strength, clarity and presence we need to start fresh.

Spring is a great time for flushing our meridians and ridding our body of any old energies that may be stagnant or blocked. It’s a time to create new habits, and energy loves new habits, because energy wants to move. Flushing liver meridian is a simple and powerful exercise the help move energy through, and strengthen Liver Meridian.

To flush a meridian, we first must trace it backwards one time, then we trace it forward three times. Tracing backward helps clear it, then tracing forward helps to flush and strengthen it. (tip: the only meridian we never flush or trace backward is…

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I Just Want To Be Stardust


Everything is temporary
Everything is change

I suppose it must be
A product of my
Early misadventure
Called my childhood
That makes me long
For something special
Long to be something special
To someone
Maybe to everyone

I think if I grant and acknowledge
The specialness in others
They will do the same for me
It sounds kind
It sounds compassionate
And it would be
If it were done without attachment

The truth is we are all the same
And we are all special
Stars, seeding an enormous existence
That our logical
And even irrational minds
Cannot begin to fathom

I want to see everyone as stars
Even those who dislike me
Or not even dislike, really
Envy that eats away at them
Until they have no choice really
But to take away my special
And make it theirs

I know it’s not rational
No one can take your special
A star can’t not be a star

I want to forgive them
Because I know it must hurt
That need to take must hurt
But I want my special back, too
Which makes me feel
Childish, petulant
Definitely not special
Or kind
Or compassionate

But now as I spin
In this black hole of insecurity
I have to face this question
Delve into a personal truth
Is it special or is it a hungry ego

I lost something special today
And I want it not to matter
It shouldn’t matter

I just want to be stardust

How To Force A Redirect To The Classic Editor Interface

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classic editor wordpress

The Solution To Use The Classic Editor

If you are blogger at, this post here will help you to solve a big problem. As you have noticed, the decision makers at WordPress want to force you to use the recent new editor interface that is purely designed for mobile devices and for users who only create short-form content. This is of course a pain if you are desktop user and if you like to create long-form content as well. In this post you will learn how to get back to the classic editor permanently.

In the new editor form, we had a link back to the classic editor but that link is now gone too. WordPress does not have the intention to give us the link back as you can read here in the forums. If you go through this huge forum thread, you will find out…

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I have a best friend. 

She lives across the pond. We have late night conversations via Facebook Private Messenger, which is probably the least private messenging service on the interwebs. Just saying.

The other night she messaged me this: “The most difficult lesson for me is “expect nothing”….does this sound familiar to you???”

Expectations. They’ll get you every time.

It reminded me of something my friend Sorsh said: “Let me say this. And it’s something I’m working on too. We often have ideas about how things should look and how things should go. And then if it doesn’t look that way we feel like its wrong or off. However, when we do that we are getting in the way of the gifts the universe is giving us, as they are given to us.”

Expectations. Missed opportunities because we think we know…

The thing is sometimes we just don’t know, can’t know and probably it’s not in our best interest to know.

But still…

When I was a little girl we used to play this game at birthday parties. Probably people still do but I’ve lived in England for a long time. It was called *Pin the Tail On The Donkey.”

You get blindfolded. Fuck. Maybe that’s where I discovered my love of being blindfolded.

Anyway…. You’re blindfolded, handed a paper with a pin attached. Someone takes you by the shoulders and spins you ’round and round and gives you a mostly gentle shove.

My last six months has been a consistent metaphorical action of sightless girl being spun round and round and given a shove, followed by more spinning and more shoving.

Maybe just once I would like to see where I’m going and get what I expect…

But that’s not what I meant to say at all.

I wanted to say, I’m a Gypsy Girl. I love the sound of my bangles as they jangle while I sway to the sounds of your guitar.

You feed me with your crazy juju magic. My soul lights up and my breath is made of stardust.

But tonight could I just crawl into your lap and let you soothe the hurt away with your hands?

I didn’t mean to say that either.

I was going to saying something profound about stars and dance and courage and spirit.

But, actually…

Just for tonight could I not be brave and strong and fierce and crawl into your lap instead?

New Found Appetite

Robin Dalton:

Besides being beautiful, there are some stunning words of wisdom in this.

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The day will come when you
Discover a new found appetite
For life, love and all the above.
It’ll be like a breath of fresh air,
Like you have been born again.

You’ve certainly lived before,
But now there so much more
That the world has to offer.
There will be so much to see
when you gaze beyond the past.

You move along as life goes on.
People grow, you grow with them.
Seasons change, you change with them.
You’ll fall in love as the heart beats.

It’s bittersweet having to let go,
But that’s what happens when you grow.
You start to think differently,
You start to see things clearly.

What once was may be no more,
You look forward to what’s next.
You’ll have a new lease on life,
and won’t waste a minute of it.

You’ll find the people that matter the most
and you’ll want…

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Trust the Flow

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“If a train doesn’t stop at your station, then it’s not your train.” – Marianne Williamson

Ever felt like you were trying so hard to move in one direction, but you were blocked? It seems like the perfect direction. You’ve figured it all out in your head, but the harder you pushed in that direction, the more chaos and struggle emerged?

This has happened to me countless times, and I’ve struggled with knowing when to persevere and when to jump ship.

What I’ve learned is that life should FLOW.

Beautiful Quotes 26When I am completely true to myself and coming from a place  of love – life just works. It is harmonious and fluid and easeful.

So why is it such a struggle to jump ship when a path is clearly not working? Why wouldn’t I love to throw out the path of struggle?

I become too invested in my self-made plans. I’ve come…

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A Bit Too Much

We had voodoo

God, did we have voodoo

We were an ocean away
And still I could feel him
Deep inside my womb stirring

It used to bring me such joy
And a tiny little giggle at the magic

And how he could make me long
Make me lose myself to want

Until one day it just stopped
No matter how many times 
I stroked our talisman
The magic had just died

I wanted to believe I had 
Failed in some way
I wasn’t enough
In some way
But I was too much
Maybe a little too old
Just a tiny bit too dull
Too experienced, too candid

Even in my gypsy dancing splendour
Just not quite what he required
To keep him hard, to keep him lusting
Perhaps he always knew 
I had a creeping expiration date

For me, I just keep dancing
From one campfire to the next
Knowing I was never not enough

But just possibly

A bit too much

This Is My Goodbye

Some days

I wait for good bye

It never comes

Some blank silences 
Followed by words
Powerful words 
That should obliterate
Those silences

I’m probably too needy

Some days
I say goodbye
I’m rarely heard

I’m asked to stay

I’m told no one leaves

I’m walking away
For just a bit

I want a goodbye
I want peck on the cheek
I want a deep
Soul destroying kiss

But today
It’s me saying goodbye
Into a dark night
Filled with silence

And so…

This is my goodbye

Embodied HOROSCOPES – April 2015

Robin Dalton:

Those that know me well, know I’m not much into “sun sign” astrology. However, I found these pretty spot on. So for those of you into the astrology thing, enjoy. For those of you not into it, don’t worry I post non-woo stuff, as well.

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Horoscopes for April 2015
Read for your sign sun and for your rising sign if you know it
This month’s practice for everyone is Nadi Shodhana, and the article about it is here

Ceremonial offerings in Bali Ceremonial offerings in Bali

ARIES- Your feelings of who you are have been changing so rapidly and have been so in flux for so long that it has become your new normal. This past month might have been brutal or lovely, but either way it’s brought something close to a culmination point, and the rapid changes and transformations of your identity are reaching a point of clarification. What’s coming in April is now the ability to mentally make sense of the changes, and to articulate, define, and refine your sense of yourself. This doesn’t mean the changes are over but it means that they’re moving past the crisis points. You are about to come through into…

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Tightrope Dancer

In darkness
And in light
Hushed whispers
In a dark, dark night

In soft murky shadows
Sometimes a faint glow
Is enough, can be

Uneasy alliances
Precarious and
Out of balance
I feel clumsy
Sure I will falter

A tightrope dancer
With a softly glowing heart
And luminous eyes

Takes one step
Then another

I watch
We all watch
Holding our breaths
Just a little
Or a lot

She walks this walk
Dances this dance
Looks me in the eye
Gives me a sly wink

And I know

She dances for me
She dances
In my place, for me

And I know

She lives in me
Dances in me

I will not fall



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