The truth is
I was terrible at geometry
I was not great 
At math
In general

There are reasons
But they’re ugly
And involve 
And abuse
And bad parenting
Let’s not go there

But geometry 
Is almost

Which should be good
For someone like me

I prefer to think
It just wasn’t
Explained properly

So geometry is still
Such an elusive thing
I can’t quite grasp

But triangles
I loved triangles
They made music
Could make music

I thought I had
A secure grasp
On triangles


And her
And me

But we made
A clangy sound
It was not pretty

It was ugly

And finally

I’m not fond
Of triangles now

I wanted to take
My point off to a
Bohemian Street Faire

Find some slow dancing
Brown eyed boy
Who would make me
Forget how to breathe

You could be
Point A
To her Point B

But you said
No one leaves
We love this through

I believe in love

I don’t know 
If I believe 

In triangles

when dreams turn to nightmares

When dreams
Turn to nightmares

And navel gazing
Turns to searching

Rifling through
Fears and cracks
In a weakened spirit

It isn’t light I see
Trying to break free

But the darkness
Of too many failures

Home Again


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Tonight he lays his head
On my naked breast
It has always been a
Place of refuge for him

My need to protect and defend
Is also fed by that simple action
His head on my warm breast
His hand cupping one round globe
Until his breathing matches mine

And I think that for one
Moment of pure magic

We are God and Goddess
Clinging fast to one another

Our breaths creating
The entire Universe

Every falling star
Every tiny flower
Every hopeful heart
Every child’s smile

Into exquisite existence

And this is how
We continue
To love each other

Love each other
Home again

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Courageous Seeds

Originally posted on embodiedastrology:

Planting seeds is not just for farmers or windowsill gardeners.

With every thought, and with the thoughts before the thought, we plant seeds.

New moon days are auspicious days for planting seeds. The darkness of the sky allows the seed to settle into the richness of the Earth. To just be in the unknown potential of growing.

On the dark moon the most auspicious seeds for planting are the wishing seeds. The seeds that hold some kind of magic potential that only comes with wishing; with not having a plan of how something will happen; with pouring our hearts, desires, and longings into our hands; throwing our hands to the heavens and offering our hunger as ceremonial sacrifice. With wishing we admit our humanness and desires. When we intend, plot and plan we somehow think we can manage it all. A sincere wish does not have any idea of how…

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Let’s go search for vivid and thrilling beauty.


“I wish we talked more about…” Part 1: Women and Sex

Originally posted on rockstar dinosaur pirate princess:

dinosaur_sexEarlier this week one of my fellow humourless killjoy feminist friends came up with the idea of a list of “Things we wished people spoke more openly about”.

The conversation that ensued lead to several revelations amongst the group and numerous exclamations of “I am SO glad we’re talking about this” and “OMG I thought this was just me” and “why don’t we talk about this stuff? This is GREAT.”

So this is the first blog of what I intend to be an ongoing yet occasional series themed around “Things we we we talked about more openly.”

Before we go further, I am going to add a content warning. This blog, and indeed probably the whole series, will feature talk of things like sexual acts, body parts, bodily functions and fluids and other things that often make people (right across the gender spectrum) feel uncomfortable. It’s almost certainly going to make my…

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“I hate this feeling. Like I’m here, but I’m not. Like someone cares. But they don’t. Like I belong somewhere else, anywhere but here, and escape lies just past that…” 

— Ellen Hopkins

And then one day she looked up and realised she no longer belonged. 

And, in fact, may never have belonged.


Kundera quote

Originally posted on The Mexi Movie:

No love can survive muteness.

—Milan Kundera

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Wild and Still

Robin Dalton:

I thought this was beautiful and it resonated strongly with me. Enjoy.

Originally posted on YOGA MELI:

I have spent way too much time in hospitals lately. I have endured enough radiation, I just may be glowing in a whole new way. I am so ready to move forward, through and beyond this disruption in my body. But at the same time, I must listen and pay close attention to the subtlety of it’s warnings. A time for stillness and introspection. Down time has never come easily for me. I am one who initiates, manifests and moves, wild and wolf-like. Exploring, seeking and experiencing. My astrology teacher calls me a “hyper-aware, sensitive, athlete, warrior”. …this is Spring, right?!


Spring or not, I am now one who sits, sleeps, rests and processes slowly and deeply. At times I wonder if this is the only way I would ever learn to slow down. Stillness has never come easy. Fire and water want to move. I have an Aries stellium and Sag Mars who are a…

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Running Out

The truth is

I am easily overwhelmed
Easily hurt beyond repair

I carry so many scars
So many bruises
That if you look closely
You will see 
I am merely 
Limping along

Some days 
I just want
To shut it all down

Be that crazy lady
With a hundred cats
Who one day 
Just stopped talking

It takes so much energy
To keep going
When stopping would be
Such a blessed relief

I am told I am loved
Some days
I even feel loved

But most days
It requires faith
To believe in something
I don’t actually feel
Faith requires energy

The truth is

I am running out
Of energy
Of faith
Of belief
Of heart

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